World Vision Taifun

Unterstützen Sie die Philippinen !


Donate now !

Fondation de Verdeil

Prestataire de pédagogie spécialisée


Telethon Foundation Switzerland


Your donation helps. SMS with HA 5 to 339 for a donation of CHF 5.-

Jungi Chilä wo bewegt

Support a Church for young people in Rapperswil-Jona! A moving church.

Blackswan Foundation

Swiss Foundation for Research on Orphan Diseases

Croix-Rouge genevoise

For a donation per SMS: Send the message "GRG 10" to 339! Many thanks!

Stiftung Theodora

Clowns für unsere Kinder im Spital

Moi pour toi

Fondation pour maintenir les centres pour enfants en Colombie

Mère Sofia

20 ans d'aide aux démunis

Little Dreams Foundation

Make dreams come true

Fondation La Fée

Fondation pour l'Éveil de l'Enfance


Children are fighting every day for survival


Enfants du monde


Association pour la sauvegarde du Léman


50e anniversaire Association La Cigale

Sebastien Buemi

Ambassadeur de Swiss Charity

Swiss Charity

Stronger together


The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland (ICCS) is a registered association with headquarters in Bern.

World Vision

Send an SMS with "START ABOHELFEN 5" to 339 - Change your handy into a bag of rice! Please help now! With a monthly amount of 5 franks you can feed 5 children in Afrika.

SMS donation

SMS giving raises less costs than per payment slip

Ambri Piotta

To fill his 3 million francs deficit, the AMBRI PIOTTA CLUB choose the donation tool of DDX Association. Actual donation amount: CHF 146'000.-


christoffel blindenmission - to help blind peopel

faire un don par SMS au 339
per SMS auf 339 spenden

Sunrise <-> World Vision

Sunrise supports World Vision with a fundraising via SMS in favor of the typhoon victims.

Help for Sahel food crisis

Thanks sponsoring from Message4you and the DDX Association donation-tool a quick help without bureaucracy can be brought in the food crisis of Westafrica (Sahel Zone).

Swiss Charity Ambassador

Welcome toSebastian Buemi, Formel 1 Pilot of Red Bull for his engagement as Ambassador of Swiss Charity.

WebGiving per SMS auf 339 spenden sammeln

Quick – easy - creativ
Collect donations via Internet.

A simple way to rise funds? This is what the WEBGIVING Tool achieves. You can start your own donation campain within 24 hours. Test it now! Enter your mobile number and an amount into the following banner. Demo-Banner:clic here!

"Together we are stronger!"
A clic, a donation, a good deed!

Discover the new donation opportunities via IPhone & Android on the Swiss Charity Plattform. Free applications on the App & Market Stores.